Hi there! My name’s Edoardo (as you probably know since you’re on my website), I’m Italo-French, raised in Luxembourg, double graduate in the U.K. and now working in Paris, so I like to simplify things by saying I’m European, makes it easier.

Adventurer at heart, I am first and foremost a very curious person. This has lead me to learn to programming from a very young age (and in C!), and then study mathematics and physics, later focusing on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Warwick. During those years, I also founded a Frecibo, worked as freelance web developer, and learned to surf, fighting against my terror of being alone in the ocean.

Currently, I’m working in the cyber-security sector, applying combining all my past knowledge and my creativity to design and develop algorithms which are capable of detecting malicious code in network packets in a very fast and accurate way. Find out more at X80security.com.

I also am very interested in cognitive sciences, and in the past I have gone in-depth in computer vision and block chains, which I admire for their elegance. I write articles on these things and more, why don’t you check my blog page by clicking here!