Co-Founder & CTO of Frecibo

Founded a company for home-made food delivery with three other students. Designed and wrote the back-end, and was in charge of taking any technical decision.


Frecibo was a start-up me and three friends founded. It was based around the need for better food options at the University of Warwick, in which there were very few, mostly unhealthy options.

Our idea was to make a market place for home cooks and food stalls in the surrounding area, and give them a place to sell their food, while all the logistic was handled by us. At the same time, it would give the students a simple way to get healthier and move varied food on campus.

My Contribution

I was part of the founding team and took the role of CTO. As such, I built the entire back-end for the website in php, together with Aaron Conway, who was in charge of the front-end. I had to take important decisions regarding features demanded by the clients, and prioritise and lead all the technical development.

During this time, I also presented my work at multiple events throughout university, volunteered by giving lessons in basic web-development, and had a lot of fun!